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Digitize, automate and optimise your parking facilities effortlessly with our modern, hassle-free system. Our innovative software and elegant hardware create a seamless digital parking system, minimizing administrative and operational efforts for your convenience.

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Designed to seamlessly integrate the best hardware and software for complete experience that transforms parking

Offering an end-to-end solution, SmartPark covers the entire spectrum of services, including analysis, design, production, installation, software integration, maintenance, and servicing of parking systems. Each SmartPark solution is customized to fit the unique requirements of every parking facility, providing a comprehensive range of modules designed to accommodate for the unique demands of every project. Passionate about parking, we recognize its inconvenience for many. Our mission is to provide peace of mind, allowing individuals to focus on what truly matters.


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View your parking availability, data and metrics in real-time. Experience a dynamic parking layout that adjusts to your needs.

Live Dashboards

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Insightful Reporting

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24/7 Support

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Payment hardware that supports cards, coins and banknotes. Mobile apps for digital payment and reservation experience.

Flexible Billing

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At SmartPark, we understand that parking needs vary depending on each project’s use. That’s why we specialize in tailored parking solutions, drawing on years of expertise to ensure every project receives optimal infrastructure. Our versatile parking management software adapts seamlessly to various scenarios, enabling staff-less operations and data-driven optimization for our clients.

Explore the various project types below, and if you don’t see your specific project represented, feel free to reach out. We’re ready to create the perfect solution for you!


Build the community of the future

SmartPark is committed to transforming residential parking by delivering intelligent and efficient parking management systems designed specifically for contemporary neighborhoods. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and an intuitive user interface, SmartPark provides residents with easy access to parking spaces within their residential complex. Our innovative parking solutions empower residents to effortlessly manage their own vehicle’s parking, as well as to reserve spots for their visitors. With features including real-time parking availability updates and user-friendly mobile applications, SmartPark elevates the residential parking experience by alleviating congestion, reducing search times, and fostering a greater sense of security for residents.


Embrace the staff-less parking of the future

SmartPark empowers retail businesses to drive efficiency and customer loyalty simultaneously. Our user-friendly mobile app, effortlessly streamlines the once laborious payment processes. Customers can settle their fees with just a scan of a QR code, saying goodbye to paper tickets. Visitors can also use the app to secure a parking space in advance through the booking feature. But SmartPark’s innovation doesn’t end with customer benefits. It presents retailers with the opportunity to operate without the need for on-site staff, effectively slashing operational costs while amplifying efficiency. By harnessing our parking management software and utilizing our 24/7 help center service, businesses can expertly manage their parking facilities, all without the need for dedicated personnel.


Empower your business

SmartPark specializes in providing comprehensive parking solutions tailored specifically for industrial settings. Our expertise lies in understanding the unique challenges posed by industrial environments, where a diverse array of vehicles, from employee cars to heavy-duty trucks and equipment, require efficient parking arrangements. By implementing our solutions, industrial facilities experience smoother operations, heightened employee satisfaction, and enhanced overall site safety, all driven by SmartPark’s commitment to excellence.


Create an experience like no other

At SmartPark, we understand the critical role parking plays as the initial touchpoint of the customer journey in hotels. Our cutting-edge parking management software offers features like pre-arrival vehicle registration, a seamless booking system, and ticketless payment options, ensuring flawless guest experiences from the moment they arrive. Our software’s exceptional flexibility allows for seamless integration with various hotel and property management systems, including Clock, simplifying operations for hotel administrators and boosting overall efficiency. By harnessing technology-driven solutions such as parking sensors and automated payment systems, we optimize space utilization, alleviate congestion, and elevate guest satisfaction levels.

Street & Governmental

Smarter and more accessible cities

SmartPark is capable of changing urban parking with its cutting-edge parking management system, incorporating advanced features like real-time parking availability tracking, dynamic pricing, and seamless payment via a user-friendly mobile app. Equipped with sensor technology, SmartPark provides drivers with updates on available parking spots, reducing the time spent searching for a space and minimizing traffic congestion. Through dynamic pricing, municipalities and local authorities are able to adjust parking rates. With the convenience of in-app payments, users can effortlessly pay for parking sessions without the hassle of cash or physical meters, enhancing the overall parking experience. SmartPark not only improves efficiency and convenience but also contributes to sustainable urban development by reducing emissions associated with circling for parking. It represents a pivotal step towards creating smarter, more accessible cities for everyone.


Flexible solutions to unique use cases

In complex projects, the multifaceted nature of the facility demands thorough consideration of each stakeholder’s unique requirements. Take, for instance, a building complex encompassing a hotel, business center, and housing units, each with distinct needs. SmartPark’s adaptable parking management system excels in accommodating such diversity, enabling tailored policies and procedures to efficiently serve the specific needs of each entity. With the capability to support multiple permit types, verification procedures, and administrator levels, it offers comprehensive flexibility and functionality.

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