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From intelligent design to flawless execution, we deliver parking solutions that seamlessly integrate into your surroundings, ensuring smooth operations and hassle-free management.

Amazing software capabilities from anywhere

Offering an end-to-end solution, SmartPark covers the entire spectrum of services, including analysis, design, production, installation, software integration, maintenance, and servicing of parking systems. Each SmartPark solution is customized to fit the unique requirements of every parking facility, providing a comprehensive range of modules designed to accommodate for the unique demands of every project.


Eliminates the need for on-site management staff


Solution that can grow with the needs of every parking facility

API Integrated

Developed in-house with endless integration opportunities

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Wide range of functionalities that work for you


Manage customer flow, ease billing and avoid traffic


Control Hardware Components

Live Dashboards

View your parking availability, data and metrics in real-time. Experience a dynamic parking layout that adjusts to your needs.

Live Dashboards

Insightful Reporting

Access comprehensive reports to gain valuable insights

Insightful Reporting

24/7 Support

Enjoy continuous assistance through our 24/7 Help Center

24/7 Support

License Plate Recognition

Zone Management

Remote Management

Customisation Opportunities

Flexible Billing

Payment hardware that supports cards, coins and banknotes. Mobile apps for digital payment and reservation experience.

Flexible Billing

Software components for clients and parking administration


Make data-driven decisions and enhance operational efficiency, while ensuring a seamless experience for customers. You can manage multiple facilities, assign roles, track performance, and audit events, giving you full control. Real-time data tracking offers meaningful insights about occupancy and other trends through an intuitive dashboard with exceptional visualizations. Analyzing this data provides insights into parking patterns, informing decisions on pricing, operations, and marketing strategies.

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Eliminate paper tickets and realize numerous benefits for parking facility operators and customers through our secure, cost-optimized, and sustainable solution.

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Enhance payment processes and customer satisfaction with our user-friendly modern Payment Machine collection.

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Our system’s permit functionality seamlessly connects permits to users or vehicles, ensuring strict adherence to the approved number of spaces. This integration promotes a streamlined and organized parking environment, empowering you to optimize your parking space management.


With this feature, visitors can enjoy discounted or free parking based on specific criteria, such as making a purchase, staying at a hotel, or attending an event. With our digital validation you and your customers can say goodbye to physical passes and cumbersome coupon codes. Moreover you can receive invaluable insights into customer behavior, capturing data on parking duration, frequency, and preferences.

Not just parking

SmartPark is part of A Solutions’ digital portfolio, showcasing our commitment to providing innovative solutions for businesses. Our portfolio encompasses a wide range of cutting-edge tools designed to streamline management, enhance analysis, and optimize performance across various industries. By leveraging the power of advanced technology, we empower businesses to achieve greater efficiency, improved results, and a competitive edge in today’s rapidly evolving market landscape. Explore our diverse offerings below to discover how our digital management solutions can benefit your organization.


All-in-one collaborative platform, offering a transformative approach to digitise your work, connect teams, streamline your operations and boost productivity. Gain unparalleled insight into business operations, all neatly structured within folders, applications, and records for effortless navigation and access distribution. Collabia offers an extensive array of applications, with the CRM, Workforce and Project Management modules serving as its cornerstone.

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Guardian is a comprehensive monitoring solution that employs AI and Deep Learning to oversee key resources through a combination of video surveillance, intruder alarms, and advanced sensors. The system provides customers with the assurance that their assets are safeguarded, with real-time monitoring ensuring continuous observation. Opting for Guardian empowers users to take a proactive stance in resource management, allowing them to construct strategies that elevate security measures and promote lasting peace of mind.

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